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Strategic communications planning and consulting

We can provide a detailed analysis and critique of all your communications efforts, from newsletters, brochures and other print products, to all advertising materials and websites. We will not only identify specific areas of improvement in your communications, we will also provide clear, practical advice about how to accomplish it. To arrange a free consultation, e-mail TruVine Communications or call 678-386-8178.


Writing and editing tasks

TruVine Communications LLC offers a full menu of writing services: creating and distributing news releases or magazine-length feature stories, speechwriting, producing ad copy and reworking content on your website. We also offer a full slate of editing services.  Are you in a rush to finish a critical job? No problem. TruVine is more than comfortable with tight deadlines.


Media relations

If you want to understand the inner workings of an institution, there is nothing more valuable than having access to an inside player, someone who knows the culture and speaks the language. Few institutions are as confounding, impenetrable or mysterious as the media. Who do you contact? Who makes the decisions? What are the types of stories that interest newspapers and magazines? What is the best way to follow up?


For more than 25 years as a reporter and senior editor, TruVine president Glenn Hannigan not only took part in innumerable discussions involving story assignments and news coverage, he was often the one making the decisions.  If you think your organization might benefit from having access to professionals who know the media inside and out, TruVine Communications will be an invaluable resource.


Get more than advice. Get results.


Communications training seminars

Communicating effectively is not a matter of studying insider secrets, learning a new vocabulary, or mastering the latest new buzz phrases. For the most part, it involves a little discipline and a great deal of common sense.  The targeted training offered by TruVine Communications is designed to reap immediate benefits for you or your staff.  Specific training courses include: writing, editing, print and internet design, how to increase traffic to your website, creative thinking, writing for print and radio advertising, headline writing, interpersonal communications, running effective meetings and dealing with members of media. We will tailor our training to meet your specific needs.


 E-mail TruVine Communications or call 678-386-8178.