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“I had the good fortune to work with Glenn for more than a decade in a variety of creative and deadline situations at the AJC. He brings great talent to the table. He listens. He is focused on boiling the complex to distill the clarity. He works extremely well in team settings. He often does his best work under deadline. He cares deeply about those with whom he works, and his deep sense of responsibility and ethics guides and informs everything he does.”

                                         Hyde Post / VP Internet Operations
                                        The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


“His intensely creative mind and innovative spirit always propelled me to look past the obvious solutions in order to find the most creative approach. When the most obvious approach is just sitting there on the table, Glenn has the remarkable knack of challenging everyone in the room to think differently.”

                                         D.W. Pine/ Deputy Art Director
                                         Time Magazine


"Glenn was one of the sharpest, most versatile editors I've ever worked with — and unquestionably the most energetic. You couldn't help but be jazzed about a story or even a meeting when Glenn was in the room. I wish I could hire him here, at the nation's oldest sports magazine."

                                         Jeff D'Alessio / Editor-in-Chief
                                         Sporting News


"I have known Glenn personally and professionally for more than a decade.  Recently, I asked Glenn to step into our industry that I knew was foreign to him.  I asked him to look at “our box” and help us redefine ourselves inside the box, outside the box, or eliminate the box all together.  He has done just that.  He brought his journalistic skills, his ability to listen to what is not being said, and his creative sixth sense to suggest ideas, which both our staffs and our competitors have not considered.  Having a fresh set of eyes has been an eye opener.  Seeing us through Glenn’s eyes has been invaluable.  And everything is done with a “go to print” deadline.  Wow!" 

                              Gregory J. Almquist / chairman & CEO
                                    Almquist Hansen, LLC


“Glenn Hannigan is a talented, creative and smart editor. More importantly, he is an even better leader, a servant leader. The best kind of leader.  He equips, challenges, and invests in people. Simply said, Glenn cares that people are treated well, helps them to grow professionally and personally and is approachable. 

"I worked with countless brilliant editors during my 39-year newspaper career. If I were choosing the best, Glenn would be at the top of the list. I consider him a valued counselor in my life.”

                            Don Boykin / Deputy Managing Editor (ret.)
                                The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


“I recently contacted Glenn to do an examination and critique of a marketing piece for my company. His enthusiasm and endless patience made the project a very positive learning experience with great results. Glenn is not only creative but also very responsive to individual needs. I am pleased to be able to say that I will not hesitate to seek Glenn’s assistance on any future projects.” 

                                Jim Messerly / President
                                Courier Express 


“Glenn led a workshop for our church staff that was both faithful and practical. His concise presentation got to the point of directly addressing what we are trying to communicate in all our outreach initiatives.  Not a week goes by that we do not reference his work either in our newsletters, flyers, correspondence to the congregation or website postings. " 

                            Greg Porterfield / Senior Pastor 
                                Wesley UMC,  Evans, GA


“I would trust Glenn with parenting my children, editing my copy and challenging my thinking, and doing so with a can-do, will-do attitude that we all should strive for.”

                            Thomas Oliver / Business columnist
                                 The Atlanta Journal Constitution


“Glenn continually exhibits enthusiasm for his work, and is one of the most creative thinkers with whom I have had the opportunity to work.  He has a direct communication style that allows him to clearly convey assignments, and is widely known for his ability to motivate a staff to perform above expectations.

“As a writer and editor, Glenn has the ability to convey messages concisely and creatively. Contributing to his success is his ability to work with people and maintain poise under pressure. Glenn will be an asset to any training program or project team, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

                         Cynthia Miller / Regional Vice President
                              WrightWay Consulting Inc.


“Glenn Hannigan has a rare combination of honesty and drive, with the capability to balance the two without fail. Glenn's approach demonstrates that uncompromised integrity and no-excuses execution can lead to great success. Furthermore, he is living proof that a team can achieve serious results by not taking itself too seriously. In other words, he benefits from vision and wisdom balanced by mainstream, wonderful wit.”

                              Dinn Mann / Editor-in-Chief


“When he was newspapering, Glenn was the last of the five-tool players: He could write, edit, lay out sections, illustrate and deliver the paper to your driveway. The medium may have changed but the mission has not: Glenn Hannigan knows how to appeal to peoples' heads, and more importantly, their hearts. In short, Glenn Hannigan = Communicator.”

                              Joe Drape  
                              The New York Times


"As the senior pastor of Glenn's church, I have valued his insightful contributions in several areas - church surveys, teaching, communications, and committee leadership, to name a few. However, the thing I value most is Glenn's unwavering character. To me, that means he is committed to not only do things right, but to do only the right things. That is a rare and priceless commodity." 

                             Charlie Marus / Senior Pastor 
                             Liberty Hill UMC